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welcome to glamorous hippe

Hello Love,

Thanks so much for your support. My name is Fredricka Fonta and I am the creator of Glamorous Hippe ™. I started this sanctuary out of a deep need to connect with others who were also looking for a truly natural way of Being. I wanted a place were like minded individuals could learn and grow together with love and without judgement. I began studying the power of herbs for healing at the age of 17 and fell deeply in love with it. From that point until now I have enjoyed learning new ways to heal and sharing those ways with others. I began a career as an artist at a very early age. From dancing,to music,to designing,to photography,I was always drawn to the natural way things existed. I found such beauty in seeing what existed before mankind touched it. When I was 8 years old, a national award for a painting I did of wildflowers in watercolors was given to me and I never looked back. I was always shy about the idea that what I made was celebrated because I was just celebrating the hand of God,but over time I learned to see myself as a messenger. In 2005 I became a mother and I wanted to make sure that I was able to provide natural healing for my son,and clothing that didn’t contain plastisol (a harmful chemical found in most designs/graphics on today’s apparel).

For more than 20 years I have had the honor of helping to introduce nature into the lives of those who’s path I come across. I have a deep passion for people and our growth as the human race. I truly see how the business of medicine is really designed to keep people sick. I strive to open the mind to the thought that all we need for healing has already been provided in nature. I try to design things that speak to a purpose greater than myself. I aim to inspire you and me to love our natural beings. I believe in the power of healing and the power of positive thought. I always say that Glamorous Hippe™ is a State of BEing,because it’s about how you incorporate the natural mindset into your everyday way of life. I believe it takes a village,not just to raise a child,but to nurture anyone on the path to something great.

Each purchase goes towards helping others find balance and have their needs meet naturally. When you purchase from Glamorous Hippe™ you have the option to pick a cause to give to,or one will be chosen for you. It is not a separate donation,but will come automatically out of your total purchase amount. This way you can rest assure that you are in fact helping to change the world. Each design you see is an original and each herbal treatment from teas to bath soaks are handcrafted and made to order to ensure the highest level of freshness and optimum potency. Once I became a mother I had an even bigger reason to be educated on the power of healing through food. I love sharing natural and vegan recipes through the blog,and powerful tools for change through the podcast and You tube channel. I am truly honored to have you here with me. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay current on all the happenings. I offer you love and light,and my prayer is that you receive it fully.