Our Elements

We use the highest quality sea salts,herbs,minerals,and oils from around the world.

Each element is certified organic,kosher,vegan,and fair trade.


pink sea salt.jpg

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt:Indian born

This pink powerhouse is amazing at relieving muscle cramps,treating menstrual discomfort,moisturizing,and detoxing skin.

dead sea salt in bowl.jpg

  Dead Sea Salt:

Israeli born

The benefits of this ancient healer are tried and true.It aids in the relief and prevention of fluid retention,aging skin,menstrual symptoms,moisture retention,muscle spasms and stiffness.

grey sea salt.jpg

 French Grey Sea Salt:

  Guerande France born

This Parisian stunner is packed with wonderful. It detoxes,helps with inflammation, PMS,softens,and treats an array of skin issues like acne,and topical infection.