Who are we?

Well lets see, can any Glamorous Hippe™  really be defined?  Nope..but we'll try to nibble at the crust just a bit. First things first, we are a conscience luxury lifestyle brand...that means we love the good stuff,but need peace of mind about how we go about getting it. The GH woman cares about the world and her place in it.She respects love,nature,and others. She knows that real beauty comes from the inside and it's worth protecting and must be respected.

She loves to indulge in what the Earth has provided,but not at the cost of abusing it or infringing on others right to enjoy  it too.

She loves art,music,dance,

vintage finds,creating,cooking,

lounging,good wine,sunshine

& most of all

to spread love & light.

The values that she holds and the moves she makes are a way of life for her, a Glamorous Hippe™  is  A State of BEing. She's wild,she's free,she's a woman on purpose..she is the Glamorous Hippe™ . 

10% - 15% of every purchase you make goes to hundreds of initiatives for empowerment around the world.

Through building clean water systems,schools,homes,feeding

the hungry,providing prenatal care,building safe houses for women & children,& so much more,we hope to be the change.

The Glamorous Hippe™  woman supports

love & newness in the lives

of others. 

Even though we stand by our products and have studied the benefits of herbal medicine for more than 20 years,we are in no way responsible for any negative side effects. As with any medicine or treatment you should consult your health care provider. Our products  shouldn't be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting your doctor.