Chef Kelis is Bounty & Full

I must say I had a great weekend.I did my mommy things like, paying bills,laundry, figuring out how to convince my son that video games don't equal cardio,and running errands for my business. It didn't start out as a great weekend because in the midst of all of those things, I was feeling overwhelmed. I was like, "When the heck am I going to get to sleep?" I was so tired, but knew that I had to keep going. I'm a single mother of an 11 year old son,and run a company, so some days it's all just too much.

Well honey let me tell you..I ran into Chef Kelis, and she reminded me that it can and will work out.

Yes that's right Mrs. Bossy herself was at Central Market this weekend in Dallas, and was bringing all the people to the yard, with her amazing, and versatile sauces. Her line of sauces is called Bounty and Full and that's just how I felt when I left her presence. So I'm walking into Central market, and I must say it's a sensory overload. There's so much to see. It was my first time at a Central Market, I'm usually a whole foods girl, but I was impressed. As I found my way to the meat department and the lines of people parted, I saw the top of a most beautiful pineapple and citrus glaze colored curly bun. There she was with chef’s coat and all,lashes popping and a mega watt smile, Yep it was definitely Kelis! She was preparing some salmon, beef,and a baby kale salad for customers to try her sauce with. There were people standing around trying to figure out just what was going on. Some weren't sure, but had a sense that she wasn't just your ordinary grocery store sample chick. They were a curious bunch,asking questions and reading labels and she was more than willing to answer them all with patience and poise. "Is it natural?", someone asked,and her answer was yes. She has made a natural brand with carefully thought out ingredients and no preservatives or additives. There are great flavor combinations like cranberry and mandarin,Pineapple and saffron, and ginger sesame. While she was passing out more samples and more people lined up, in between outburst of "this is so good!",and "I'll take two bottles!",I began to hear some people whisper."Oh, she's that singer,I didn't know she cooked!"

It hit me, we can do it all! She is a mother,entertainer,chef,and entrepreneur. I was so frazzled earlier and realized how many frazzled nights she must have had,but no matter what she's kept going. She's pushed through. I can only imagine what preparations she had to go through just to make it to the event. How much planning,sacrifice,tears and,frustrations she’s endured all in the name of something bigger than yourself and that moment. Many times we allow people to put us into one box, but we have to learn to define our own parameters,or be defined by having none at all. We music heads, fell in love with her for sound and  creative originality. She is showing all of us that the components that make you as a person, go into everything you touch,and her sauces have no shortage of those ingredients. Kelis who is an actual chef (she graduated from culinary arts school),is more than many thought. She is a great example of doing your thing,your way. It doesn't matter what people think or want you to be, be the woman who makes them whisper. Realize that you can be many things and all at the same time.She also has a great cookbook called "My Life on a Plate", a show on the cooking channel called "Saucy and Sweet.",and various musical albums. One album that was released in 2014 titled "Food" is such a sultry and soulful combination of rhythm and style, much like her food,and her being. She inspired me to keep going,to smile through the crazy customers,to show up no matter what,to not quit,to believe in your dream,and to stay true to yourself.

She is this weeks Motivation because she helped me remember that life like food and music, isn't just about onenote,it’s about the song,and most importantly what's in the song,that will leave you feeling Bounty and Full.


























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