How to Fall Gracefully

How to thoroughly enjoy this fall season.....Reap all the benefits this season has to offer.

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Definition of fall: The third season of the year where crops & fruits are gathered. Where old things die and new ones begin.

If you've read the definition above then you will understand why this part of falling gracefully is really the most essential- REFLECTION. The first thing to point out is that fall is the 3rd season. In the Bible the number 3 is very important because it means Divine completion & perfection. Seasons in life are very important and it's best to operate during a season properly. In order to fulfill the divine completeness,you must let go of what no longer serves you. Focus your energy & mind on being still & calm. Any hurts or disappointments need to be processed and healed. If you want newness,you have to let go of the old.The fall is a time of gathering,so you want to be gathering yourself & things that you've worked for. Enjoy the goals you've met, & plan how to conquer the ones you haven't yet.Take the time to watch the natural process of fall happening  around you & see how it mirrors you- Nature is more kin to us than we realize.Meditate,sleep well, exercise, eat whole natural foods that nourish & promote cleansing the body, & continue to prune yourself from negative thinking & behavior daily. IF you don't work through this process now,in it's will carry it into the next season.

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JOURNAL- Writing down what you feel & are experiencing is so key to falling gracefully. Whether you write down new goals,or just express what happened in your day,it's a good way to be heard by the most important person in your growth-YOU.

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GET OUT- Getting fresh air is essential. If you've ever read one of our list before then you know how we feel about fresh air. The more we are in tune with nature,the more we are in tune with ourselves. Take a long walk,ride your bike,or hop in the car and take a day trip to a nearby city. Walk around and do what the locals do,have a picnic,or sleep under a tree. Join a group that bikes,hikes,or walks. Even if you don't leave your house,sit outside on your balcony or in your backyard and have a hot cup of coffee and just enjoy the view.

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FELLOWSHIP- This is one of the most beautiful times to be with family & friends. Decorate the house with pumpkins,cook a great meal,& have lots of wine :) Being in the company of people you love is what life is all about in any season. Spread your good vibes on them. If you've grown any produce this is a great time to gather them up & make a delicious meal. Make sure to laugh loud  & give lots of love.

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BUILD TRADITION- Make sure to build tradition with your family,spark up the child in you. Introduce them to the classics, Charlie brown & picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, building tents to watch movies in,making caramel apples, or apple cider. No matter what you choose ,just do it knowing that these memories will shape your family & bring you closer.

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KEEP PRUNING- You may not have realized it but over 80% of the stress we carry in our lives is held in our bodies & skin. Through out this season & pruning process continually take care of your mind,body,soul,& spirit. Take herbal salt baths that will not only relax you,but purify the skin from life's toxins. Remember the key to enjoying this and any season is to be open to light & newness. Leave space for good & don't hold space for bad. It's o k to fall, just do it gracefully.