Calm in the Country

There have been so many headlines in the news that echo the trouble that this world speaks,and it’s not always easy to unplug and turn our attention to the simple things in life. In order to live in this world and not be overwhelmed with sadness,we have to make a conscience choice to get centered and find our calm. There is a reason that the best things in life are free,and it’s so that everyone can have access to them. I decided to take my camera on a walk and go get calm in the country. I hope these pictures will soothe you as much as they have soothed me. I encourage you to get outside and free yourself from the thick air of politics,violence,discord,and strife. I beg of you to find peace through meditation,prayer,and filing yourself with love. Try to just sit and listen to the trees,watch the birds play,let the sun shine on your face,pick up leaves and feel them in the palm of your hands,and see that the peace you seek is there,it’s all about your perspective.