Boho Bake

So this is one of the most delicious,creamy,and quick meals that I make on a regular basis. My son loves it,and even though he likes veggies,for kids who don’t, this is a great way to pack them in. The version I’m making today is vegetarian not vegan. For those of you who don’t know,vegan means no animal products of any kind,and vegetarian just means no meat. To make this recipe vegan,simply use vegan cheese,nutritional yeast and cashew milk in place of whole milk and regular dairy cheese.

You can add any veggies you want,but the flavor profile with the cheeses I suggest,work especially good with broccoli,spinach,red and orange bell peppers,Zucchini,yellow squash,red,green and yellow onions. Today’s recipe has some of those and bok choy. This recipe will feed 5 people and allow for seconds. Here’s what you will need,it may seem like lots of ingredients,but remember you can put as many,or as little different veggies as you like.