Sunday Squash

It's upon us...FALL!!! I'm beyond excited for the fall season. What I love most aside from the beautiful weather & nature,is the beautiful bounty of good food that nature provides. This roasted squash three ways,is delicious & quick. 

1. Take one medium sized butternut squash and cut it down the middle long ways into two pieces( you will need a very sharp & heavy duty knife). Then lay seed side down and cut horizontally across the back skin into sections. I always end up with about 15-18 pieces. 

2. Line a long cookie sheet or roasting pan with foil.I group them into 3 sets onto my pan, so that I can season them three different ways

3. Drizzle extra- virgin olive oil onto each piece & season with sea salt. (for the brown sugar one too,the salt will bring out the flavor)

4. Next season some with organic smoked paprika,and some with crushed black pepper. The last section of squash sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon. Roast on 400 degrees uncovered for 30-40 minutes. (depends on how brown you want them). About 8 minutes before they are done add walnuts,golden raisins,or cranberries,& drizzle raw honey on the ones that were baked with brown sugar. 

I love to pair these with a beautiful arugula salad, or if you eat chicken,roast one with rosemary,olive oil,sea salt,crushed black pepper, & extra -virgin olive oil.

Relax & pair with a seasonal white wine.

To see the finished goodness watch the video below...