Why the Journey?

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Journey to joy is an idea inside my head,about a place that we all have the keys to unlock. I was on the phone late one night feeling very down & defeated. I was thinking about all the daily struggles I go through as a single mother,running a business. I felt alone and as if there wasn’t anyone I could turn to. Now those of you who know me,know I love God. Even as much as I love God and know deep inside that I’m not really alone,it felt that way. The daily grind to reach my dreams,and be a great mother and business woman was wearing me out. I tried to think of all the people in my phone that I could call to vent to that would actually understand,and there was none. I realized that if I felt that way,then other women & men did too.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy (that is emotional,we’ll get deeper into that on this journey),but I felt restless, as if I was literally running in a circle. The people that were around me,confessed to be living a life of love and purpose,but their actions spoke louder and said they were not.I didn’t have a true group of people that could concede my points with understanding,or even just love. The people that saw me living a daily life of positive thinking,seemed to be trying with all of their might to make my road hard. So I have decided to dig deep and hopefully take you with me.I want you to travel with me as a friend and sister on your road to finding your true strength. “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”Nehemiah 8:10

Each month we will have group meetings/conversations,weekly motivation,journals,book club,IG lives and so much more.

The goal is to tackle every part of our lives together.Business,spirituality,family,health,politics, & love.There will be a different focus (key to the journey) each month. Upon signing up for the journey you will receive a mug that is designed by me specifically for this journey. The mug will be a reminder each time you use it that we are in this together.

Now as much as I love you guys,there is a fee,here’s why. I will be pouring my heart and soul into this group and it cost to provide the resources that will help me to do that.In addition to that as always,I want to give back. 10% (and sometimes more) of each group fee goes to organizations around the world that facilitate change. I encourage you to think about all the things that you pay for,that serve no higher purpose and plant no positive seeds for your future,and see if you can invest a little more into yourself. Initially I was going to offer two price points,but the benefit offerings would be different. I decided that I wanted everyone to have the tools to get the same experience,so there will be one price for everyone,with one exception. I will have 8 single parents to pay a different fee. (please sign up asap if you would like a single parent slot as they will go quickly)

Here are the fees :

$49 a month($588 yr)

Pay the full year now: Breaks down to $40 a month| $480 a year|you save $108

$30 a month ($360 yr)(single parent fee only 8 slots available)

The journey will begin on Sunday January 27th,2019,but enrollment will close on Friday January 11th,2019. This group is intended to be a year long in order to grow with each other and witness change. I strongly believe in God’s seasons and they are each vital to our full development. The lessons,teachings,and heart of this group is Christ based,however you don’t have to be a Christian in order to join the group.

About me

Peace love and light. I am so thankful and honored that you would take this journey with me.

I am 39 years young,a single mother to one amazing son and live in Dallas TX. I wanted to share a little about myself before we get started. I am a Christian,what does that mean? It means that I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the one true God. I believe that He made the choice,because of His love for us to leave Heaven and come down to Earth in human form. I believe that He did that in order to offer anyone who would believe in Him,eternal life through the shedding of His blood on the cross. I believe that after His crucifixion,He rose from the dead and returned to Heaven,where He waits for those whom have chosen to believe in Him(His children). I felt it very important to share that because that belief is at the core of who I am. I have been serving God since the age of 9 years old. Even though my parents took me to church,it wasn’t at their urging that I made the choice to serve. I was in church one day, and felt the most amazing feeling.I was warm all over,literally hot on the inside,and it was as if I were being pulled to get up out of my seat, and walk down the isle to the front of the church. I literally couldn’t stop myself if I wanted to. I can still remember what I had on,It was a deep wine colored,velvet dress with a white lace trim, black patent leather shoes and white knee high stockings. I walked to the front of the church during service and said,I want to be saved. From that day on,I have felt that same presence in my life leading and guiding me.


God had a plan for me even when I didn’t know it.

He has one for you too.

At the age of 11 I began my very first Christian club,it was called Spirits Christian club. I made lots of flyers with crayons and paper to pass out around my neighborhood. I had my mom make lemonade and cookies,and set up tables in our garage. I wanted all the kids in the neighborhood to learn about the power they had inside them. Fast forward to age 17 when I gave my first teaching (sermon)in the same church where I first met God, called the power. From ages 9 until now,I have dedicated my life to sharing the love of God and helping people live their destiny. At the age of 17 while attending college and studying fine arts,dance and journalism, I had my first experience with the healing power of God. I was a freshman attending an orientation and my right thumb was in great pain. I don’t remember hitting it on anything,or bruising it,it was just in pain. It hurt to even touch it. I was sitting in the orientation trying to ignore the pain. I remember saying softly under my breath the name of Jesus. The more I said Jesus,the less and less the pain became. I thought back to the scriptures I had studied when giving my first teaching on God’s power and began to apply these words.

“I am healed in the name of Jesus”,and the pain completely stopped. I was in complete shock. It’s not that I didn’t believe what the Word of God said about healing,it was just the knowledge that I really could speak what I wanted in Jesus Name and have it that changed me forever. I took it one step further,I asked God to let me know it was really Him,and instantly my hand began to hurt again. I spoke the words again,“I am healed in the name of Jesus”and the pain went away,and never came back. I can vividly remember weeks after that day,pulling on my thumb,and trying to make it hurt and it wouldn’t. Throughout my entire college career the Lord would send people to me for prayer,advice,tools to healing,etc. These weren’t people who knew me,or knew that I was a Christian because I told them,but God lead them to me. Each stage of my life has fully confirmed my purpose on the planet. Also while at college I began my journey to veganism and healing through herbs. I studied vigorously to learn how to heal and stay healthy through what God had provided on Earth.In 2009 I began a blog named Finding Fonta that documented my journey into single motherhood,lifestyle,fashion,and culture.That blog lead me here to Glamorous Hippe,a place that embodies all that I’m passionate about; God’s love,healing,self love,lifestyle,culture,and natural living. This group will be dedicated to giving you the tools and support to reach the inner peace and joy you seek. I am not an all knowing being,but I do believe that my purpose in life is to help you and I find the answers we seek. Thank you so much for taking the time to invest in yourself,and I’m so excited to see the heights we will climb together.

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Be intentional about your Joy.

You decide what type of journey you will have.

With a humbled heart,

Fredricka Fonta